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Service Charge for
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Repair /
Data Recovery

(2013/3/20 revised)

Diagnosis Free *Note 1
HDD Repair (basic charge) Depends on the level of damage 2,000 yen or more
Data Recovery 2,000 yen / 650MB (for CD-R. a media cost is included.) *Note 2
Delivery & Others Actual cost
Note 1 Diagnosis is free in principle. However, in case that HDD is badly damaged which requires a long time for diagnosis and further detailed investigation is desirable, we have to charge for the detailed investigation after the free initial diagnosis.
Note 2 Standard storage media for data recovery is CD-R. It is also possible to use DVD-R/+R, DVD-R/+R DL (double layer), BD-R, BD-R DL (double layer) or HDD / USB Memory as storage media, if required.

CD-R (a media cost is included) ------------ 2,000 yen / 650MB
DVD-R/+R (a media cost is included) ----- 8,000 yen / 4.4GB
DVD-R/+R DL (double layer)
(a media cost is included) --------------------

12,000 yen / 8.2GB
BD-R (a media cost is included) ------------ 20,000 yen / 23GB
BD-R DL (double layer)
(a media cost is included) --------------------

25,000 yen / 47GB
HDD / USB Memory
(a media cost is NOT included)--------------
- 10GB 12,000 yen
over 10GB - 100GB 2,000 yen / 10GB
over 100GB 2,000 yen / 100GB

In case that data recovery requires a lot of time due to severe damage of the HDD, extra charge may be required (+ 10 % or more).