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Application for Our Service

1. Apply for our service by sending the application form.
2. We will send you a confirmation mail. Please ship your HDD by Takkyubin delivery service or parcel post according to our instruction.
3. We will diagnose your HDD to check if your HDD can be fixed or data can be recovered. If it can be fixed/recovered, we will inform you the charge and the days required. If it cannot be fixed/recovered, we will return your HDD to you.
4. If you would like us to fix/recovery your HDD / data, please make payments by bank transfer to the designated account.
5. After confirming your payment, we will fix/recovery your HDD / data.
6. We will ship back your HDD to you by Takkyubin delivery service upon completion of the recovery work.

* We cannot provide our services to residents outside of Japan.